Product Name:- Tartaric Acid Spain
Product Characters:-

Tartaric acid is a white crystal diprotic organic acid irregular shape.

Packaging:– 100 grams, 500 grams & 25kg Bags.
Storage:- In Normal Condition
Main Usage:-

Tartaric Acid is a natural organic acidulant, crystalline and anhydrous solid, very soluble in water. It is widely distributed in numerous plants, either in its free form or as a salts. It is found in numerous fruits, especially in grapes.

USES OF TARTARIC ACID :- Tartaric Acid uses are spread over a variety of industries, but the most important of all the tartaric acid uses is as food addititive. As a food additive, tartaric acid uses are for a number of food types. In packed as well as home cooked foods.

As a food additive, tartaric acid uses are mainly as a sour flavouring and in preparation of CHHENA which is used in preparation of Indian sweets i.e. RASGOLLA, KALAKAND and GULABJAMUN, as well as in making of NAMKEENS. People use usually citric acid and latic acid in preparation of CHHENA and NAMKEENS but tartaric acid gives much better results in making CHHENA and sweets. It gives more yield and more sponge Rasgolla instead of citric acid and latic acid.

It is used in the baking powder & candies also. It also works as laxative and as an antioxidants in a variety of food products specially the packaged food material.